Data + Money

Data + Money

Perhaps no sector has been as transformed by the use of digital data than financial services. In Kenya, especially, but also in many other economies, transactional data from mobile phones has fuelled a new frontier of lending, often to customers closed out of branch banking. What is the relationship between digital data and creditworthiness? How are worries about over-indebtedness and the emergence of new regulation changing the industry? And how does the Covid-19 crisis challenge new models of data analysis and lending?

Our roundtable will include contributions from:

  • Rose Muturi, Digital Lenders Association of Kenya;
  • Joel Muhumuza, Jumo Uganda;
  • Firas Ahmed, AzamPay;
  • Ali Hussein, KICTANet; and
  • Daniel Mwesigwa, CIPESA (chair).

Please join us on 2 September @ 13:00-14:30 East Africa Time (11-12:30 BST).

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