Developing Data?

A Risk-based Assessment to Digital ID Systems: The Case for Huduma Number (by Florence Ogonjo and Rachel Achieng)

Digital identity (ID) technologies are being tried and tested, and discussions about their adoption are becoming more common. The effectiveness of these systems will be determined by how privacy and security concerns are addressed during the early stages of implementation. When considering digital ID, the technical infrastructure and legal framework […]

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Crafting a Comprehensive Kenyan IPDT Framework: Lessons from the GDPR, OECD and APEC (by Amrit Labhuram and Micheal Butera)

Kenya, following the enactment of the Data Protection Act 2019 (DPA)[1], has adopted a restrictive principle on International Personal Data Transfers (IPDT). Part VI of DPA obligates data controllers or processors that intend on conducting IPDTs to provide evidence of appropriate safeguards, as well as submit proof that the recipient […]

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